Want to be better at staying in touch with old friends?
We've got you.

We live busy lives and staying connected in a meaningful way can be hard.

Friendships help us feel happier and healthier. Social media gives us a shallow connection with a large number of people, but how do we go about staying in touch with some of our dearest friends? The ones from previous chapters of our lives. The ones in different cities. The ones in different countries.

Contact Stack is designed to help you think about the people that you'd like to remain close to and help you stay on track with looking after those relationships.

Contact Stack removes the anxiety about not maintaining relationships.

- Ellen, a happy user

How does it work?

  • Sign up
  • Add your friends who you don't see so often but would love to stay connected to
  • For each friend, set a frequency for contacting them and when you were last in touch
  • Let Contact Stack remind you when to reach out
  • When you've contacted a friend, update Contact Stack so we can keep track

And if you like... check out our premium features below!

And get even more with Premium

Timeline illustration

Timeline view

See a timeline of your interactions with different friends with your personal events as reference points.

Personal events illustration

Personal events

Add personal events to your timeline so that you can see who you've yet to contact since you changed job, took up a hobby, moved city or met a new partner.

Notes illustration

Add notes about interactions

Just had a chat with a friend? Make a couple of notes so that you can follow up with the things that matter to them when you're next in touch.

Birthdays illustration

Birthday reminders

Add your friends' birthdays and get reminded up to a month in advance so you can plan a nice meal, a present, a card, or just make sure you set aside the time to get in touch with them.

Regular contact illustration

Add close friends

Want to take advantage of some of Contact Stack's features for friends that you already see all the time? No trouble, just mark them as a 'regular contact' and we'll assume you're in touch with them but we'll still remind you of their birthday.